Today was a CRAZY day, but a fun & fulfilling one to say the least. 

Started out with an early morning run-through of exercises that I was putting together for a training session I had this morning with a lady at the YMCA.  I had devised a workout last night, but this morning I wanted to perfect it, review it, and put music to some of the exercises before I had to be over at the Y to train her.  I wanted to get there in plenty of time to warm up myself and ask Ginny a few questions.

I opted for an Xe Energy as my breakfast to give me a good ‘POWER BOOST!’

energy drink

I just wasn’t very hungry this morning. – could probably have something to do with the fact that I broke the seal of the Peter Pan Natural PB yesterday and definitely enjoyed my fair share.  It is just SO YUMMY! I kept thinking to myself ‘O.M.G. It doesn’t get much better than PB!’ ~ It seriously is my new favorite food…that most certainly cannot be a good thing!  Moderation my friends, moderation. ~ Always keep that in mind when eating PB. 

The training session went AWESOME this morning.  A single session turned into a 5x package deal by the time we were finished.  So I will be training this particular client 4x in the next week!  She is so great & very motivated to workout hard and push herself.  Which is the exact person I want to work with!  I pushed her today & she loved it!…and so did it!

Practiced some BodyPUMP before leaving the Y to break for lunch.  I was pretty hungry starved by the time I left there at about 1:15 this afternoon, so I was glad I packed a nice ripe NANER in my bag before leaving the house this morning.  I scarfed it down in my car on the way home! It was one of those I had bought at store the other day.  It was PER-FECT.

grocery pics 002

Lunch consisted of 1/2 a Shakeology + Pizza toast with some added protein…Grilled Chicken!  It was actually pretty darn good.  I toasted my Aunt Millie’s 40 cal. whole wheat bread, spread me some LC (Laughing Cow) Light Swiss on it, added a little Tomato Basil sauce, then put a few pieces of grilled chicken left over from supper last night on top!

blog pics for wed and thurs 016         blog pics for wed and thurs 018

Finished off my lunch meal with my Healthy XOCAI Dark Chocolate Power square.  MMMMM-MMMMM-good.

xocai power square

My tiny break this afternoon flew by.  Just showered and worked on Shakeology powerpoint presentation that my sister and I are giving tomorrow at her school. 

Many of the teachers she works with have been interested in learning more about the ‘healthiest meal of the day’ ~ AKA = SHAKEOLOGY! So we decided to do a short presentation about its benefits & inform the teachers of the various nutrients in the product that are so beneficial to our bodies.  I’m super pumped about it!

After I got finished teaching ‘JumpStart’ tonight, I went to meet my Aunt & Cousin for dinner.  We tried to go to a place that had a salad bar, but it was closed.  So I let them pick option #2, and we wound up at a mexican restaurant.  NOT my favorite at all, but I just munched on the chips & salsa in definite moderation, then ordered a grilled chicken taco salad for supper with no sour cream (yuck!), just a little cheese, and I did not eat any of the tortilla-fried-shell bowl thingy that it came in.  That would have been 1000 calories in itself would be my guess!

So for Mexican, I’d say my supper was decently healthy. 

When I got home, I felt like I wanted a little something ‘sweet.’ ~ I reached for a SF Jello Pudding cup (also bought the other day!) then went back to the kitchen for round 2 & came out with these babies:

blog pics for wed and thurs 002

A tiny container of green grapes! So good & satisfying.  I was finally content….for a while.  Then I remembered I still needed to eat one more serving of XOCAI Healthy Chocolate to reach my adequate Antioxidant intake for the day, so I reached for:

Saturday blog pics 005

XoBiotic Square.  Great source of pre- and probiotics, in addition to the Antioxidants.  So it really helps you become regular & keep your color functioning properly.  Love it. ~ If you are interested in more info on this awesome product or want a few samples, just let me know!  I’m seriously going to start marketing this stuff because I believe it is a great line of products that will benefit anyone who takes it!  I’ve done my research, listened to doctors talk about it many beneficial properties, and heard personal experiences that are pretty amazing!

Well, I’m off to the next task…packing for INDY!  Can’t wait to go visit my sister for the weekend.  I love spending time with her.  She is the absolute BEST! Not kidding one bit about that.  She is, seriously.  

Here’s what I found for tomorrow’s workout motivation:

blog pics for wed and thurs 011

Ohhhh Yeah! ~ Mind over Matter, baby!