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Monday is over already? You have to be kidding me! ~ I was up and going at 7AM this morning.  Started my day off with a little reading in my book ‘Made to Crave.’  I’ve told you about it once already, so I won’t go into any details this time (I suggest you just read it because you’ll be so glad you did).  I got hungry not long after getting up, but didn’t want to eat much for breakfast since I was going to BodyPUMP @ the Y, which starts at 8:30 on Monday & Wednesday mornings.  I opted for 1/2 of a Light String Cheese before the workout to give me a little protein, an Xe Energy during the workout for an added boost of POWER, & a banana with a few sips of 1% chocolate milk after the workout for some recovery energy! 

BodyPUMP kicked my butt, as usual.  My arms were especially tired today after the workout.

blog pics for monday 007

Friday Blog Pics 006

Now, onto a much more important matter!  I need to fill you in on my most recent find ~ meet…Little Katie! 

blog pics for monday 004    blog pics for monday 005

I know, I know “Awwwwww” is all you can say right now looking at this precious little thing!

I found her on the ‘PetFinder’ website last night when I was skimming through their adoption pages.  She is three months old & is up for adoption at Cincinnati, OH & her name is KATIE! Which I thought was so ironic!  I just fell in love with her because she is so darn cute! Needless to say, I sent them an email for an adoption application. I’ll keep you posted on the situation as it progresses.  Hopefully things will fall into place & Little Katie will have a home with ME soon! 

Lunch today was so yummy & different than usual.  I wanted SHAKEOLOGY, but I wasn’t in the mood for Greenberry today.  I wanted a Chocolate flavored one like I made myself yesterday, but I didn’t have any more chocolate samples left at my house.  So I opted instead to have something I hadn’t made in a while: 

blog pics for monday 010

Although it looks like a salad in the pic, it is actually a turkey sandwich. I used a slice of Aunt Millie’s 40 cal. wheat bread (toasted), a 1/2 slice of hot pepper cheese my Mom picked up from the deli, yellow mustard (something I just recently realized I liked), delicious deli turkey from Norm’s Market that is nearly fat free & stacked with protein, and then topped it all off with lots of ‘spring mix’ lettuce! Oh-so-good! 

I also enjoyed a FF Raspberry yogurt & some special K ‘sea salt’ crisps dipped in the tomato basil sauce pictured (in the little red ramekin).

If you’d like more info on the exact products I use to make certain things, just let me know & I’ll definitely post pics of them if I don’t do so along with the “meal” pic ~ Sometimes I snap pictures of the containers & brands, but other times I forget.

I finished my lunch off with some Xocai Healthy Chocolate ~ this one is called XoBiotic & has added probiotics in it to help with proper colon health & digestion.

Another piece of exciting info I found out today & wanted to share with you: 

I was lucky enough to get a spot for the upcoming BodyPUMP Initial Training weekend event that will be in two weeks in Champaign, IL.  I am super excited about this opportunity to get certified as a BodyPUMP instructor, but super nervous at the same time!

bodypump training 

As I was talking to the LesMills coordinator today, she made it clear that I am expected to know the routine front-wards & back-wards & in my sleep before I arrive at training (which mind you is in less than two weeks now!)  Most of the other individuals going to the training probably received their training materials to start preparing long before now, but I am getting added to the list even after the registration deadline, so I haven’t even received my materials yet (YIKES!) The LesMills coordinator was going to overnight them to me today, so I am HOPING they arrive tomorrow because I need to get started ASAP!

I must tell you, before I went to work this afternoon I was craving PB! I made the mistake of taking a bite of it, then ended up eating way too much of it just straight off my knife.  For some reason it tasted so good today!  I think it was because BodyPUMP this morning just revved up my metabolism, so it was going crazy! 

All the PB I ate before work gave me extra energy for a good CARDIO workout after I got off at 7.  I hopped on the elliptical for an interval workout for about 25 minutes, then switched to the ARC Trainer for more interval work for another 30 minutes.  I felt great after I finished.  At least I sweated off some of those PB calories! … better than none!

Since I knew I had consumed so much PB already today, I decided to go for a light(er) supper.  I went with my delish homemade salad.  Although, tonight I opted for Fat Free Italian dressing vs. my usual Light Raspberry Walnut Vinegrette.  Mostly because I knew my total fat intake had reached the limit today in the PB alone! I also left off the almond slivers on my salad tonight & instead sprinkled it with a bit of ground flax-seeds.  Oh, and the croutons pictured are whole grain & so yummy! 

blog pics for monday 014

I also managed to eat a slice of toast with SF Jelly (not pictured) after this, followed up by a frozen ‘healthified’ dark chocolate chip oatmeal cookie (not pictured) that Ann & I had whipped up the last time I visited her.  

Tomorrow I have to prepare for the ‘JumpStart’ class at YMCA because I am going to be teaching the participants about the Nutrition Facts Label on food & beverage products.  I’m very excited to teach them about the label & the key important points that everyone need’s to be aware of when scanning the label of a food or beverage product before purchasing it.  I may even start creating my outline for the class tonight! 

I hope you all had a wonderful start to your week!

I’ll leave with you this little organizational tool I picked up today for $2.50! ~ I think it is just awesome! It is a bill/financial organizer that allows you to keep track of your expenses for each month & save your receipts in the slot for that particular month! I thought it was a great way to keep track of my spending & gas expenses each month to compare them with my income at the moment, & well worth the $2.50 investment! Can’t wait to put it to good use!

         home organizer 003    

more expense log pics 002