My apologies for not posting yesterday. I did BodyPUMP in the morning, then spent the next few hours working on various tasks at home before leaving for Indy yesterday afternoon.  I attended a symposium with about 15 other individuals from our area to hear one doctor and one nutrition specialist speak about health & wellness, nutrition, and …

Thursday blog 001

XOCAI Healthy Chocolate.  It was a two hour presentation where they talked about how important Antioxidants are to us & the roles they play in our bodies ~ such as combating chronic inflammation (something MANY people suffer from).  The two speakers also hit on the subject of weight loss and how important it is to NOT starve your body.  One key point I wrote down & that sticks out in my mind is that ‘in starvation mode, the body can store fat at 4x the normal rate (the normal rate being the rate when a person eats a balanced diet with adequate calories)’  So, DO NOT STARVE yourself when wanting to drop some pounds because it is sure to backfire on you.  I learned so many things, but I’ll share them with you amongst other posts.  Anyways, we didn’t get back until 1 AM this morning, which is why I didn’t blog.

Today I still managed to wake up early and get down to business.  I cleaned around the house for my Mom (dusting & sweeping…what fun) until my hunger set in.  I was already craving PB at 9 in the morning. Is that a bad thing? Hah! ~ I like starting my morning with PB on toast (with sliced banana or SF Jelly) because it is a great balance of protein, carbs, and sugars that keep me full well up until noon or later. 

Thursday blog 004

Thursday blog 005

This breakfast hit the spot! PB, SF Jelly & 100% whole wheat Aunt Millie’s toast! Scrumptious.

After breakfast, I went to walk with my Nanny at the gym so she could get her exercise in.  She is in such great shape for her age & that just really makes me happy!  She stays as active as she can, which is so awesome.  After walking,  I had a meeting with a lady interested in trying Xocai Healthy Chocolate.  She was super impressed with the product & it’s many benefits…just like me!  By the time I got home, I was CRAVING my SHAKEOLOGY for lunch.  What’s new?

Thursday blog 008

One problem…after I blended it, I was SO COLD that I couldn’t hardly drink any of it.  I was just down-right FREEZING!  So, I put the shake in the freezer & opted for some pizza toast instead.  Pizza toast is Ann & I’s healthified version of pizza.  It is just a piece of Aunt Millie’s bread toasted & topped with tomato basil LF sauce + LF parmesan cheese.  It was warm & it tasted GREAT!  Not super filling though, which is why I also included these in my lunch:

thursday blog2 002

thursday blog2 003

The Banana was absolutely PERFECT!  Everyone likes their Naner’s a little different ripeness, ya know?  My favorite is when they have speckled brown spots on them just like the one above.  PERFECT, I tell you. ~ I won’t eat them any other way!

The afternoon flew by & before I knew it, I had to be at the ‘Y’ for work & the JumpStart program that I am helping with to educate individuals on healthy eating habits & exercise.  Time flew by there, also.  I had quite a bit of energy when I got off work at 7:30, so I decided I’d hang around and try out the ARC TRAINER at the ‘Y’ for a much-needed cardio workout.  It was definitely a calorie-torching workout ~ 50 minutes of intervals on that machine was quite enough for me.  I was sweating like crazy when I was finished, which told me I was burning off the calories & sweating out the toxins.  I felt great after I finished & can’t wait to go back for more!…thinking about heading over there in the morning for a ‘Butt & Gut’ class & then hitting the ARC TRAINER again.

Since I was so hot from my cardio workout tonight, my SHAKEOLOGY I had put in the freezer at lunch began to sound pretty appetizing during my drive home.  My mom had peas waiting for me on the stove (she definitely knows what I like!), so I ate a helping of yummy peas with LF parmesan before attacking the rest of my shake.  Both hit the spot after the calorie-burning workout. 

Thursday blog 009

No sweet tooth tonight, so didn’t even have to have my ‘little something sweet’ post dinner.  I really think it is the SHAKEOLOGY helping with those cravings.  Which is one of the many things I absolutely LOVE about my shakes.

Well, that’s pretty much my day & eats in a nut-shell.  I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday.  The days flew by this week.  I hope you all had an enjoyable Thursday & are looking forward to a FUN and HEALTHY weekend.  Try to keep up those New Year’s resolutions & be sure to get in your daily exercise.  You know what they say, “exercise is the BEST medicine.”  

And don’t forget to check out the MI page for a little Motivation & Inspiration today!