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This has been a FAN-TAST-IC Monday ~ The day just flew by.  Let me give you the run down:

Ann & I started our morning with some house cleaning! I volunteered to do the sweeping.  If I would ever have to pick a chore that I like most, I would have to pick sweeping! I kind of look at it as a way to get a mini-workout in while house cleaning!  You use your arms & if you keep your ABs engaged while you are sweeping, you can give your ABs a little workout, also! I’m serious…try it sometime!

Once the house was in order, we left Lillian behind to watch over things while we made a trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods, Bed Bath & Beyond, & Meijer to do a little grocery shopping.  I picked up a couple pieces of winter workout gear while I was at Dick’s Sporting Goods! I LOVE the sweat-pants!

monday blog pics 001     monday blog pics 004

At Meijer I picked up groceries for home that I knew I needed. Trop50 OJ for Shakeology was a must.  As was SF (sugar free) Strawberry Preserves & Aunt Millie’s 35 calorie bread.  AND, we also managed to add this to our cart today:

monday blog pics 006     monday blog pics 007

Love Crunch Granola with Dark chocolate bits & dried Raspberries! ~ This stuff is absolutely DELIGHTFUL! It’s such a great snack to have on hand that will satisfy your hunger and your sweet tooth! You don’t want to over-do a good thing, but having a serving size of it for a snack would be perfect.

Lunch consisted of…yep, you guessed it: SHAKEOLOGY! Oh-so-good & good for you! Just makes me feel so healthy & happy after I drink it.

The afternoon managed to fly by and before we knew it, Megan was at the house to join us for another ‘At-HOME’ workout in Ann’s living room!  We pushed the furniture aside & I drank some Xe Energy before we decided what our workout “game plan” was!

The “Game plan” we decided on =

chalene       p90x      turbo jam abs

  • Chalene Extreme Burn it off – a great cardio workout that was about 30 minutes long
  • P90x Shoulders & Arms – a workout consisting of too many push-ups!  (<— Pretty much Definitely face planted my last push-up of the night! Right arm had been maxed out! LOL)
  • Turbo Jam ABS! – a perfect 20 minute AB workout consisting of standing & sitting exercises

It was an AWESOME workout at home & having Megan working out with us made it even better!  She and Ann push me so much ~ which is why I LOVE working with them both!

After our workout, we knew what was in the near, near future & we were PUMPED!…Subway! We cooled down a bit & chugged some H2O before heading down the road to grab some yummy turkey Subs!  What goes better with subway than peas and parmesan?!…ummm, NOTHING! So that’s what we decided to have with our subway.  Let me tell you, I enjoyed every bite of it. 

monday funday blog pics 005

I also managed to drink 3 glasses of water during my meal due to the abundance of Jalapenos the subway dude placed on my sub.  But, I read once that Jalapenos tend to increase your metabolism when you eat them because they are so hot!  My mouth was so on fire by the time I finished my sub, that I KNOW those Jalapenos had to do good things to my metabolism! HAH!

I still can’t believe the day is pretty much coming to an end already.  Sister Bonding Time was EVEN BETTER than I expected.

Hopefully I’ll be back to chat tomorrow ~ Until then, check out the MI page for today’s updates to keep your head in the game!