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Evening all.  Hope everyone has had a productive Thursday.  As I sit here looking at my ‘TO DO’ List that I made out this morning right after rolling out of bed, it looks as though I’ve crossed off all tasks but two.  I’m pretty satisfied with that.  And the night is still quite young for me, considering I don’t usually walk into my bedroom until about 1 am most nights.  That being said, I’m sure I’ll be able to accomplish the whole list before I hit the sack.  Plus one that isn’t on the list but I want to fit in…Turbo Jam ABS! I need to do some form of AB workout because this morning’s workout only involved about 5 minutes worth.  It was basically some weighted crunches and planks.

After making out the ‘TO DO’ list this morning, I put on the workout clothes & hit the YMCA for ‘High Low’ class.  Ginny taught it & did an AWESOME job!  She designed it to be similar to an Insanity workout.  It was great and I was drenched in sweat by the end of it.  What a great feeling!

I never like to eat before my morning workouts (I know, I know…that is so against all healthy rules), so breakfast came after I got back home.  It consisted of protein to help repair my muscles & carbs to get my blood sugar up, since it felt pretty low by the time I got home.  I finally remembered to snap a pic for enjoying the deliciousness:

Mom got off early today, so we ran to Jasper to return an Xmas gift of mine to Carson’s.  Then stopped at Wally-world to pick up just a few groceries and other things.  While we were in Jasper, we ended running several other errands I that Mom had not informed of before hand, and also ended up walking with my grandma at the VUJC gym before finally getting back home.  Stepped through the door at 3 pm.  I had been craving my Shakeology since before 11 am this morning, but decided to wait until after our trip to Jasper to have it ~ What I didn’t know was that it was going to take us FOREVER.  Oh well, it just made the shake taste that much better when I finally got to enjoy it in the middle of the afternoon! It was oh-so-good!

I’ve been working on this blog quite a bit in the past two days.  I wanted to get the Shakeology & Xocai pages ready as soon as possible for anyone who wanted to read up them.  Those are becoming my new hobbies while I’m home and preparing for my jobs I have lined up.  I can’t start working right away, so I decided I wanted to help Ann market Shakeology since we love it so much & want others to see how awesome it is!

Not only that, but I’ve recently decided to become a distributor of ‘Xe Energy Drinks’ and ‘XOCAI Healthy Chocolate.‘  I have created a page explaining all the details of the Xocai Chocolate if you are interested.  Even though it is a bit lengthy, I encourage you to read through it entirely and let me know your thoughts.  I really tried to explain things how I understand them, based on my background knowledge in nutrition.  Bottom line is, the product seems to truly help people suffering from all kinds of different symptoms, & I can see why.

I’ve heard many people speak right to my face explaining how their lives have totally been changed from eating 3-5 pieces of this XOCAI Chocolate per day.  It sounds crazy, I know! That chocolate could be such a powerful healing tool, but it can when the cacao (chocolate’s main ingredient) is NOT processed and refined!

You’ll understand more about the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ of the XOCAI Healthy Chococlate if you read the XOCAI page I created.  I hope that I, too notice positive changes like so many I’ve talked to & can share them with you soon!

Now you’re probably thinking…’Man, I want to hear about this Xe Energy Drink!    because that’s what I could use, MORE ENERGY!’ ~ I’ll start by saying this…It is Caffeine FREE!!! Which is what drew my attention to it in the first place.  I have such mixed feelings on caffeine and I try not to feed it to my body often.  However, when I’m running on low, low fuel levels & dragging, it’s sometimes the only thing that will give me the boost I need.  Well, not anymore!  This drink is AMAZING.  It tastes like grape juice, but it’s main ingredients are cacao, Acai berries, blueberries, and theobromine.  Theobromine has the same effect on our bodies as Caffeine, but it is a natural ingredient.

You can also find more info about the Xe Energy Drink on the XOCAI page soon, or click on the three drinks on the right-hand sidebar if you’d like to view the Nutrition Facts label.

If you want to try a few energy drinks or chocolate pieces (I’ll tell you straight up that they are pure deliciousness.  Melt in your mouth yum!) before purchasing the whole case, just let me know and I will fill you in on pricing ~ which will be determined based on the quantity you are interested in trying.

To give you a rough estimate of Xe’s ‘energy’ power, I’ll tell you that they say you should try to drink it before 1 or 2 pm, otherwise you’ll likely have SO much energy that you won’t be able to fall asleep at night!…and, it’s the honest truth! Great, Great stuff my friends.