Today I woke up with a little phrase running through my head: “Today is a new day ~ make the most of it.”  Anyone who knows me well will tell you that the past several months have been ‘an experience’ for me, none-the-less.  To make a lengthly story short and simply put:  I went back to school in the Fall of 2011 to the Doctor of Optometry program at Indiana University.  While I was there, I went through some of the hardest moments in my life as I began a battle against depression.  I spiraled down to a point I like to call ‘the point of no return.’  It was then that I realized I could no longer win the battle against this horrible condition without outside help.  Since then, I’ve found a wonderful doctor & therapist who have helped me to make leaps & bounds from where I was just a few short months ago.

Why do I tell you this?  because it’s part of who I am and one of my struggles that I’m working to overcome.  That, and it leads me to the next piece of information I’d like to share with you.  After such a challenging first semester at school with the amount of stress the program comes with & trying to battle this ‘monster’ inside of me at the same time, I decided it was in my best interest to take time away from school to regain my health & get back to standing on two SOLID feet.  I was supposed to return to Bloomington today and start my second semester of graduate school, but decided against going back.

I woke up this morning expecting to feel regret about the decision I had made to take a leave from school.  I was expecting to have the feeling that I’d made a terribly wrong mistake.  That’s why, when I woke up with a phrase about “make the most of a new day” going through my mind instead, I knew I had made the right choice.  Contentment with my decision washed over me and I decided I was ready to make the most of the new journey put in front of me.  Where will it lead me?  I have no idea.  But I trust fully in the Lord & I know he will guide me down the right path.

I started day 1 of this new journey at the gym (YMCA).  DeNae lead a kick-butt BodyPump session that had me shaking and sweating like MAD by the end of it.  Once back home, I quickly got cleaned up before enjoying a POWERBALL for breakfast.  I thought of it as my ‘recovery fuel’ from the morning workout.  It was delicious.  However, I didn’t want to start my morning off with any chocolate, so I picked the dark-chocolate pieces of out my powerball & tossed them in the trash.  What?! I know, weird isn’t it? I just wasn’t feelin’ the chocolate today.

Next, I was Btown bound to take care of some apartment things & have lunch with one of my best friends and former boss, Laura.  We ate at McAlisters. One of our favorite places grab lunch.  I had a grilled chicken wrap (wheat) with chipotle peach sauce, and a side of fresh fruit + a pickle spear…oh, and a HUGE glass of ice water with lemon!

I managed to make it back home by 8:30 pm, at which point I basically walked right in the door and sat down for a freshly made salad that my mom whipped up for me.   I had snacked on a banana & some grapes on my drive home from Bloomington, but that wasn’t enough to fill me up.  I need my veggies & my fiber, ya know?

I couldn’t just end the evening with a salad.  Never can end without some form of sweetness in the evening.  I settled for a piece of 35 calorie toast with a smidgen of PB (peanut butter) and piled on top was SF (sugar free) Strawberry Jelly.  Pure yumminess.  After my piece of toast, I recited this phrase in my head, “My meal is done.  I have been nourished by this food in which will fuel my body.  Go in peace.”  I have started reciting this at the end of each meal because of a post made by my sister just recently.  It helps to make sure there is a “definite end” to my meal.  Basically, so I don’t constantly keep snacking on bits and pieces after the meal is over.  It has worked wonders.

Tomorrow is another day.  Filled with so many tasks to accomplish.  It’s amazing how much I still have to do, even though I’m currently unemployed and not enrolled in school.  Welcome to the life of an American:  busy, busy, busy…go, go, go.  ALL. THE. TIME!